Epoch Ventures Portfolio


Some of the companies we have been or are involved with. Ranging from safety equipment to beer to online sites. Contact us if you are looking for equity investment (we usually do this with other individuals or companies if the proposition is good).

Entity Mission Dates Status
QuantumZeitgeist.com Quantum Computing Information Site 2019 Live
FreeMotorAds.com Provide free consumer and wholesale vehicle adverts on online 2004-2009 Closed
SocialNetwork.co.uk Following the world of Social Media and Social Networks 2005 Live
Photovoltaics.co.uk Helping consumers navigate their way through consumer solar panels 2006 Live
EEbria Smart retailing for craft beer and alcohol beverages 2015 Live
WiseAlpha Enabling Corporate Loans 2014 Live
BrewDog Craft Beer and then some. A great brand and great product 2012 Live
Dividend Rocket Help consumers find high return stocks Current Closed
Torch Bicycle Safety and Technology 2014 Live
Jelt Help users find online courses (MOOCs) and help learners manage their online profiles 2015 Closed
QuoteSmart Providing solar resources online and quotation system 2014 Closed